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Photo gallery WARNING: contains graphic images

Fully Conscious Trussed Australian Sheep Stuffed into a Trunk in Kuwait Indonesia bound cow on live export ship Indonesia dead cow For cattle the agony may last up to 90 seconds. Terrified animals slip on the blood covered floors as they are forced to watch their companions slaughtered. There are no restraining facilities to control the panic stricken animals who are desperate to escape. Victims are dragged to the slaughter area by a hind leg hit and kicked to the ground, frequently breaking bones in the process. Video also shows slaughterers fighting to control frightened animals by slashing leg tendons, smashing knees with hammers, tail breaking, and eye gouging. One animal with a broken leg was tortured for 26 minutes before being killed. Australian steer beaten prior to roped slaughter (Photo: Animals Australia)Australian steer beaten prior to roped slaughter in Indonesia (Photo: Animals Australia)     Fully conscious trussed Australian sheep awaits throat cut (Photo: Animals Australia)Fully conscious trussed Australian sheep awaits throat cut in Kuwait (Photo: Animals Australia)  Many live sheep are bought for Halal slaughter (Halal describes what is lawful for Muslims to eat - animals must be alive when their throats are slashed). Undercover tage shows sheep being strung up with wire and forced into car trunks in sweltering heat for the journey to the buyer’s home. Once at their destination they are carried by their bound legs, which frequently break, and dropped onto the ground. They are fully conscious as their throats are cut, writhing in their own blood for over a minute before losing consciousness.  The evidence gathered against Australia's live animal export trade during investigations conducted by Animals Australia over the last eight years is damning. No amount of profit or excuses can justify Australia's continued involvement in live animal export and the abominable cruelty inflicted on animals. Join LCA and Animals Australia to help put an end to Australian live animal export.   Stories from Indonesia - Live Export Investigation WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES FOR MORE VIDEOS AND INFORMATION VISIT: ban live export     pawprint mini greenLearn more about: Rupert Murdoch & LCA's Editorial Opinions       Follow Us  icon_facebookicon_twittericon_youtubeicon_myspace  Support LCA - DONATE!  Take action and join!  African elephants are the largest land animals on Earth.    Investigations      Investigations - In the Field     Investigation Links     File an Incident Report     LCA's Most Wanted  Campaigns      Vivisections, Class B Dealers,     & Pet Theft     Ban Puppy Mills     Animals in Entertainment     Other Issues     Elephant Sanctuaries     Fur     Ban Live Export  Donate      Make a Donation     Planned Giving     Monthly Donations     Donate Your Vehicle     Matching Gifts     Other Ways to Give  About LCA      Founder's Story     Mission Statement     LCA 1980's - Present     Fighting Chance Newsletters     LCA TV     Contact     Board of Directors & Financials  Get Involved      Volunteer/Intern     Sign Up     Merchandise     Events     Links & Resources     Kids & Teens     United Seniors for Animals     Action Alerts     Print Ads     Careers  Follow Us  icon_facebookicon_twittericon_youtubeicon_myspace Privacy Policy & Opt-Out | Policies | Contact Us | Legal Info | pawprint Copyright © 2012 Last Chance for Animals. All Rights Reserved. Australian steer beaten prior to roped slaughter in Indonesia (Photo: Animals Australia) Manhandling trussed Australian sheep into trunk in Kuwait (Photo: Animals Australia)
Fully conscious trussed Australian sheep awaits throat cut (Photo: Animals Australia) Sheep have their throats cut while fully conscious and then are skinned on the spot in Kuwait slaughter yard (Photo: Animals Australia) Live export ship in Portland, Australia (Photo: Animal Liberation Victoria) LCA protesting at News Corp AGM October 21, 2011 Australian sheep disembarking live export ship
Australian sheep dragged to slaughter while others watch Kicking of sheep in Abbatoir Sheep stuffed in truck Sheep tied on roof in Egypt The reality of conditions on the live export ships





Watch Animals Australia's undercover footage of the live export trade. 



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