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Blog for Last Chance for Animals, an international non-profit dedicated to ending animal cruelty and exploitation.

Take Action: Proposed Bill to End Whale Captivity in Canada

GiaBlogHeaderAfter months of delays, Bill S-203, the Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act, is finally being considered by the Senate for a committee report. This critically important bill would ban the capture, confinement, breeding and sale of cetaceans in Canada. LCA conducted a five-month investigation into Marineland Canada—one of the two Canadian facilities currently confining cetaceans—and documented care that falls below the prescribed standards in medical treatment, food, protection from elements, water quality and psychological well-being. Our investigation revealed the plight of Gia (pictured left), a young beluga whale who became undernourished and emaciated following Marineland’s failure to provide her with adequate treatment and care. Devastatingly, Gia passed away in August 2017. LCA is determined to ensure that no further cetaceans endure the cruelty of captivity.

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‘Fur-Free’ Brands are Still Using Fur

Shearling.HeaderWidespread public outcry has pushed a growing number of designers to announce that they will no longer use fur in their clothing and accessory lines. Disappointingly, some of these brands are now using the pelts of other animals rather than transitioning to faux alternatives. Shearling is being processed by some ‘fur-free’ luxury brands to imitate the appearance of mink and fox fur. Considering the numerous luxurious faux alternatives—many of which are virtually indiscernible from animal fur in both appearance and feel—it is indefensible that designers continue to choose cruelty over compassion.

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Animal Farmers Going Vegan: Moving Quotes from Former Animal Agriculture Workers

FarmerQuoteHeaderFrom slaughtering farmed animals to fighting for their rights, these former animal agriculture workers experienced a profound shift in perspective. As ‘family farmers,’ they once justified their cruel trade by shrouding its horrific reality in illusory rationalizations about ‘humanely raised animals’ and 'happy meat.' After coming to realize this narrative is deceptive and damaging, they were inspired to become part of the solution. Transforming their life’s work from perpetuating cruelty to promoting compassion— these vegan advocates now dedicate their time to creating meaningful change for farmed animals.

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Aren’t Zoos Educational and Humane?

ZooBearSadRecently revived efforts to free Billy (pictured below), an elephant who has lived in captivity at the LA Zoo for over thirty years, have led to zoo proponents arguing in favor of the continued confinement of wildlife. At a recent City Hall meeting, LA Zoo members and employees presented idealized accounts of captive animals’ lives to support the belief that zoos are a humane and ideal setting for wildlife. While these individuals may have positive intentions, this biased and inaccurate stance is detrimental to the thousands of animals who remain behind bars. Read on to learn the most common arguments in favor of zoos and how these claims fail to justify the inherent cruelty of keeping wildlife captive for human entertainment.

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The Horrifying Reality of Live Export

LiveExportAnimalsAusWhen Manny, a young steer, was loaded onto a live export ship with thousands of other terrified animals, his treacherous journey had only just begun. Victims of this horrific industry are sentenced to a life of terror and misery upon arrival to countries where animal welfare laws do not exist. Fearful and desperate to survive, Manny made an incredible escape by jumping overboard into the water and frantically swimming away. When the brave steer made it to shore, he continued to run for his life, tirelessly traveling for miles and carefully hiding from capturers for more than a day. In a devastating ending to his amazing escape, Manny was caught and passed away after being over-sedated by authorities.

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No Dairy February: 5 Reasons Thousands of People are Refusing to Buy Dairy


The expanding market of non-dairy alternatives and accelerating widespread disapproval of animal agriculture has left the dairy industry worried and desperate. A leading dairy consultant stated at a conference last month that if the vegan movement continues to succeed, "We will not have a dairy industry in five to ten years." In an attempt to counteract veganism and paint this dying industry in a positive light, dairy marketers coined the term ‘Februdairy.’ A spinoff and retaliation to the hugely successful Veganuary campaign, Februdairy aims to mislead the public into believing in the many myths of "humane," "healthy," and "sustainable" dairy.

Consumers are increasingly choosing plant-based alternatives over cruelty-laden dairy products. Delicious non-dairy milk, yoghurt, cheese, and ice cream are ubiquitous in grocery stores across the world, making it easier than ever to choose compassion over cruelty. Read on to learn five reasons why so many people are leaving dairy products off the menu.

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Thousands of Dogs are Suffering in Florida’s Greyhound Racing Industry

Greyhound RacingVictims of the dog racing industry are forced to endure a life of perpetual confinement, injury, and abuse. Florida is home to twelve greyhound racing tracks, and thousands of greyhounds remain confined in track kennels across the state. A proposal that would eliminate greyhound racing in Florida was passed today by the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC). If approved by voters statewide in November, Proposal 67 will phase out dog racing by December 31, 2019.

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Trophy Hunters Convene to Bid on the Lives of Rare Animals

TrophyHuntingCoverOver the next four days, tens of thousands of people from all over the world will gather in Las Vegas to celebrate the cruel and unnecessary pseudo-sport of trophy hunting. Ardent trophy hunters are convening at Safari Club International’s (SFI) Annual Hunters’ Convention to boast about their kills and place bids on sought-after hunting expeditions. Under the guise of conservation, wealthy SFI members shell out thousands of dollars to end the lives of the world’s most rare and magnificent creatures. This convention exemplifies the cruelty and destruction that humans continue to thrust upon the natural world. Animal advocates and conservation experts will be present to protest this brutality and promote respect and protection for wildlife.

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Progress for Primates in Research: Animals Released from Cruel Studies

ReleasedChimpFor decades, animal advocates have worked tirelessly to expose the plight of animals used in research. LCA has been heavily involved in this work since 1984, conducting undercover investigations and international campaigns that have swelled the tide of public concern about the exploitation of primates in laboratories. While the journey toward justice for lab animals may seem excruciatingly slow-moving at times, changes are indeed occurring.

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8 Shocking Animal Ingredients Hiding in Everyday Products

HiddenIngredientsHeaderLurking in the ingredients lists of many food and personal care items are animal-derived ingredients with unrecognizable names. While veganism is not about purity or perfection, most of us would prefer to leave bugs, hair, and anal secretions out of the products we consume. The following animal ingredients make their way into countless items—from bread to cosmetics— disguised behind deceptive names concealing their revolting contents.

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How Much is That Monkey in the Window?

PetMonkeyHeaderThe problematic trend of keeping monkeys as pets is growing at an alarming rate. From the increasing prevalence of ‘thumb monkeys’ in China, to captive spider monkey YouTube stars being celebrated by millions of viewers—the lack of public awareness about the serious welfare issues inherent to monkey ownership is gravely concerning. Celebrities are also contributing to this issue by normalizing the ‘primates as pets’ craze. Justin Bieber famously abandoned his pet monkey in Germany, after parading the animal on social media, and singer Chris Brown made headlines this month after his infant capuchin was seized by authorities in California.

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5 Shocking Legal Practices of the Animal Research Industry

Legalized11Beloved animals considered pets by many are routinely exploited by the animal research industry. While harming companion animals can result in animal cruelty charges, torturing and killing the same animals in the name of science is justifiable under the law. Read on to learn five shocking facts about the abuse endured by victims of animal testing and what you can do to stand up for their rights.

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Chilling Quotes from Slaughterhouse Workers That Display the Reality of “Humane” Meat

SHQChickenHandWell-intentioned animal lovers tend to rationalize meat consumption by suggesting that animals can be raised and killed humanely. Investigations consistently reveal that so-called
“happy” farms subject animals to horrifying cruelty behind closed doors. While there may be a rare farm where animals are housed in reasonably good conditions, these animals are routinely sent to the same industrial slaughterhouses as factory farmed animals, where they face a terrifying and agonizing death.

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When Animals Fight Back: Captive Animals Who Stood Up to Their Tormentors


The imprisonment of wild animals, no matter how obscured by false notions of education or conservation, denies them of their most basic freedoms for the purpose of casual human entertainment. Whether confined in a circus or incarcerated in a zoo, captivity routinely breaks the spirits of intelligent and strong-willed animals, leaving defeated creatures with anguished minds and empty lives. While many captive animals fall victim to severe psychological disorders, others—fed up with the cruelty of their confinement—fight back. Recurrent incidents of animals systematically revolting against their tormentors litter the history of wildlife captivity and serve as a powerful reminder of the striking intellect and determined spirits of wild animals. These tragic events epitomize the inherent risk of keeping wildlife in confinement, and reaffirm the fact that it is unjustifiable and cruel.

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Real Fur is Being Sold as Faux

JoAnne FurWith compassionate consumers increasingly avoiding real fur, the market for animal-free alternatives is rapidly growing. Michael Kors is the latest designer to join the fur-free movement, acknowledging that alternatives are just as luxurious and real fur is outdated and unnecessary. While high-quality faux furs are becoming more prevalent in luxury and contemporary clothing collections, deceptive labeling has led to an alarming issue: real fur being sold as faux.

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The Will to Live: 4 Animals Who Escaped Slaughter and Fought for Their Lives

Molly Cow


A cow named Molly (pictured left) exhibited an unmistakable desire to live by remarkably escaping a Great Falls, MT slaughterhouse by jumping a 5 ½ foot fence, sprinting away, crossing a busy highway, and astonishingly—swimming across the Missouri River. Determined to do whatever she could to escape a terrifying slaughter, Molly led officers and meat plant workers on a six-hour chase. As noted by the slaughterhouse manager, “It’s just totally amazing. I watched her do things that are just not possible for a cow.” Never underestimate a cow’s fierce desire to survive. Molly was eventually captured and thankfully adopted by a farm sanctuary where she is currently living happily with other rescued cows.

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Human Victims of Animal Agriculture

FaceMaskThe horrors of animal agriculture have been revealed through numerous investigations, but animals aren’t the only victims of meat consumption. While there is no question that farmed animals endure the absolute worst forms of cruelty and violence in this industry, the implications of animal agriculture’s vast destructiveness extend to humans as well, threatening the rights and wellbeing of millions of people worldwide.

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Year of the Dog – How to Help Dogs in 2018


According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2018 is the year of the dog. Loyal, intelligent, and full of joy—dogs are one of humans’ most beloved companions and are deserving of compassion and protection. Unfortunately, the loving and forgiving nature of dogs is routinely exploited by industries for profit and other selfish interests.

For decades, LCA has worked to protect dogs from cruelty and expose animal abusers. LCA is dedicated to bringing an end to industries of animal exploitation, and your advocacy is crucial to that outcome. Animal advocates can help make a difference for dogs this year by taking a stand against their suffering and speaking up for their rights. 

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These Circuses are Still Exploiting Animals - How You Can Help

CircusElephantsThis year has seen tremendous victories for animals in circuses. Ringling Bros. Circus, the cruelest show on earth, finally closed in May 2017, after 146 years. The final performance marked the end of a cruel era of Ringling subjecting wild animals to horrific training methods and forcing them to perform demeaning, unnatural tricks out of fear. The end of Ringling Bros. is a hard-won victory that followed decades of investigations and protests by LCA, concerned citizens and other animal advocacy organizations.

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Take Action Now: Horrifying Video Shows Helpless Coyote Being Cruelly Tortured

CoyoteCoverA video posted to Facebook on December 20, 2017 shows two teens and a middle-aged adult laughing as they torment and cruelly shoot at a suffering coyote caught in a foothold trap, who desperately struggles to get away. After a bullet hits the animal’s mouth, the abusers continue to joke and shoot carelessly as the terrified coyote writhes in agony. By the end of the video, the coyote is still alive and struggling to free itself from the trap as the callous individuals continue to use the animal for target practice. Ultimately, off camera, the perpetrators killed the coyote and subsequently posted a photo of the deceased animal's body.

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