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Legalized Cruelty: 10 Shocking Practices Directly from Animal Agriculture Policy

shockingcover2LCA investigations have repeatedly revealed the living nightmare endured by animals raised for food. The most shocking aspect of LCA’s investigations is the fact that much of the documented cruelty is legal. While producers of meat, eggs, and dairy go to great lengths to conceal and justify the horrors that farmed animals are subjected to, the harrowing reality of the animal agriculture industry is clearly depicted in the industry’s own manuals and journals. Unbelievably, farmers are legally subjecting animals to brutal torture and deplorable conditions. Read on to find ten of the most shocking legal practices inflicted upon farmed animals.

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10 Inspiring Quotes from Great Minds About Animal Rights

HeadermonkeyA commonality between many of the world’s greatest thinkers is an understanding of the importance of animal rights. Some of the most intelligent and revered philosophers, scientists, and religious leaders have invalidated the long-held belief that animals exist for human purposes, acknowledging that all animals are deserving of our compassion and respect. 





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Horse Drawn Carriages - An Industry of Cruelty

HorseDownWhen visiting iconic cities such as New York or London, many tourists are enchanted by the sight of horse-drawn carriages. These carriages line the streets, taking visitors and locals on tours across the city. Seemingly a delightful activity fit for romantic dates and authentic big city experiences, the reality of this industry is one of unfathomable cruelty and shocking abuse.

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Keeping Animals Safe During Wildfires


As wildfires continue to spread through Southern California, countless families are being forced to evacuate their homes. Reports of animal lives devastatingly lost to the fires due to irresponsible and unprepared caregivers are a heartbreaking reminder that wildfire-preparedness is imperative. Whether you have an animal sanctuary or a single companion animal, tragedies can be prevented by taking simple steps to avoid placing animal lives at risk during wildfires.

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7 Young Stars Leading the Way for Animal Rights

NoahCYoung people have the power to shape a more compassionate future and it is crucial that animals are included in their realm of social concern. Thankfully, many famous kids and teens are leading the way for animal rights—promoting a message of compassion to their thousands of fans and followers. These seven allstar activists are using their talent and fame to create a better world for animals.

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How to Spot a Fake Animal ‘Sanctuary’

FakeSanctuarySelfieAs animal advocates are increasingly boycotting zoos due to the unnecessary confinement and inhumane treatment of imprisoned wildlife, more people are seeking compassionate alternatives. Many well-intentioned animal lovers are unknowingly visiting exploitative animal attractions that masquerade as animal sanctuaries. Wild animals are the most common victims of fake sanctuaries which perpetuate the cruel exotic pet trade and exploit wildlife for profit. Before visiting any facility housing captive wild animals, ask yourself these five questions to avoid supporting a cruel and deceptive attraction.

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U.S. Tax Dollars Fund Animal Cruelty – Take Action Now

Beagle cropped blogThis week, LCA released new footage from its 2016 undercover investigation into ITR Laboratories which reveals further evidence of the facility’s grave mistreatment of its animals. This footage (watch here) reveals the life of beagles exploited in the animal research industry—documenting how dogs are housed improperly, abused gratuitously, and thrown away when their “usefulness” expires. In spite of the documented abuse, ITR remains a U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Defense approved facility. The National Institute of Health (NIH)—an agency funded by U.S. tax dollars—has provided grants for numerous cruel animal tests conducted at ITR. The NIH is notorious for funding research institutions with substandard animal welfare records, and will continue to do so until enough people demand that they stop.

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Fur is Cruel, but What About Leather and Wool?

Sheep.JoAnneLast week, hundreds of activists joined LCA’s annual Fur Free Friday protest in Beverly Hills to stand up for the tens of millions of fur-bearing animals killed each year for fashion. It is widely known that wearing fur causes horrific and unnecessary cruelty, and numerous clothing brands have committed to going fur-free as a result. While fur is indeed a barbaric industry, seldom considered are the millions of animals killed for other clothing materials, most notably leather and wool.

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World-Famous Athletes Who are Powered by Plants


Athletes are some of the strongest, fastest and healthiest people in the world. Known for being at the peak of physical conditioning, it’s no surprise that athletes seek the most effective training and dietary regimens to obtain optimal performance. As the benefits of veganism are becoming more widely known, many of the world’s top athletes are switching to a plant-based diet. These individuals are living proof that athletes can thrive on plants alone and even outperform those who eat animal products.
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Have a Cruelty Free Thanksgiving

BeatriceThanksgiving is a joyful occasion filled with gratitude, celebration, and family. Unfortunately, it is also a sorrowful time for animal lovers who are aware that over 40 million turkeys are killed in the weeks leading up to this holiday. Let this year’s Thanksgiving be a celebration of life, rather than the reason someone’s life is taken away. There are so many reasons to leave turkeys off the table, and countless delectable dishes that require no animals to be harmed.

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A Victorious Week for Circus Animals

NoseycoverIt has been a victorious week for animals used in entertainment! In the past week, India, Ireland, and Italy all instituted bans on circus acts using animals—a huge step forward in the fight against the use and mistreatment of animals for entertainment. In further fantastic news, Nosey, a wild-caught African Elephant who has been exploited in captivity for nearly twenty years, has finally been freed to a sanctuary. A judge in Alabama issued a seizure order for Nosey, ruling that she be removed from her abusive over and turned over to local officials. This is a hard-won victory that follows years of effort from animal advocates across the globe who worked tirelessly to spread awareness about Nosey’s plight.

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Tragedy in Texas: The Link Between Violence Against Animals and Humans

Texas Church Shooting1On Sunday, November 5, 2017, a gunman opened fire at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing 26 people and injuring 20 others in the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history. As details emerge about the gunman’s deeply troubled past, the public is left wondering why someone with such a violent history was able to legally obtain a firearm. In addition to a domestic abuse conviction, the gunman had also been cited for animal cruelty charges after viciously beating his dog in 2014.

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World Vegan Day: Benefits of Going Vegan

CuteCowCropVeganism has taken the world by storm! With countless celebrities adopting a vegan diet, many billionaires investing in vegan start-ups, and an ever-growing plethora of delicious and widely available vegan food alternatives—it is clear that veganism has entered mainstream culture and is becoming the new normal.

These positive changes are motivated by the tremendous impact our food choices have on animals, the environment, and our own health. Celebrate World Vegan Day by learning about the many benefits of veganism and how delicious and convenient a compassionate diet can be!

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6 Things You Didn't Know About Fish

whatafishknows wide e2b0800c202b1751ffddfae6394e3c7825e7d333 s800 c85Fish are commonly thought of as mindless, unfeeling animals and are routinely excluded from the circle of human compassion. Cognitive ethology research is debunking common myths about fish and proving that, like other farmed animals, fish are sentient individuals who experience a wide range of emotions, have complex social relations, and have an interest in their lives.

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A Historic Step Forward for Companion Animals

pupmillpostOn September 24, 2017, Puppy Mill Awareness Day, hundreds of animal advocates gathered in Lancaster, PA to spread awareness about the plight of dogs who are raised in cruel commercial breeding facilities. Puppy Mill Awareness Day serves to encourage the public to make a difference for animals by adopting companion animals rather than purchasing them.

Started by LCA and other animal activists in 2004, Puppy Mill Awareness Day brings animal lovers across the country together to host protests, adoption events, and marches that take a stand against the mass breeding facilities that produce millions of dogs and other animals each year to be sold in pet stores and online shops. Notorious for their filthy, overcrowded conditions and lack of protection from the elements, puppy mills subject animals to a nightmarish life in cramped cages, depriving them of adequate food, water, and veterinary care. Thousands of these facilities continue to legally subject animals to horrific conditions for profit.

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10 Celebrities Who Stand Up For Animal Rights

Celebs and the cute animal loves of their lives on Valentines Day.pngAs animal rights is entering the mainstream social consciousness, celebrities are increasingly using their fame to go above and beyond for animals. Each of these stars are outspoken advocates who are doing incredible work to spread awareness about the plight of animals.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is well-known for his active involvement in many social justice movements, and animal rights is no exception. Brand has eschewed meat since the age of 14 and transitioned from vegetarian to vegan in 2011. He has spoken out against the unnecessary suffering caused by hunting, interference with wildlife, and eating animals. The comedian is a proponent for the belief that all beings—human and nonhuman alike—have an equal right to their own life. Brand uses his voice to create a more compassionate world and never fails to stand up for the most vulnerable beings in our society.

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What Do Humane Labels Really Mean?

updated humane labelsAs awareness about the horrific treatment of farmed animals grows, many people are turning to so-called "humane" animal products in hopes of avoiding food derived from animals who suffered on factory farms. Unfortunately, compassionate consumers are being fooled by clever marketing strategies employed by the animal agriculture industry to mislead the public into believing these “humane” products are cruelty free.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Chickens


Happy National Chicken Month! Chickens are fascinating animals with distinct personalities and clever natures. Recent studies have given new insight into their remarkable intelligence and complex emotional lives. LCA is celebrating chickens this month by sharing some little-known facts about these incredible animals.

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7 Things You Can Do to Help Endangered Wildlife


Species are disappearing at an alarmingly fast rate and scientists warn that we are on the verge of the first human-caused mass extinction. With a rapidly growing number of species on the brink of extinction, it is evident that urgent action is necessary. Humans hold the power to either exacerbate or prevent the looming extinction crisis. Through small conservation efforts you can make a difference for endangered wildlife in your area and across the globe. Here are seven steps that you can personally take to help endangered wildlife.

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Cutting-Edge Scientific Advancements Offer Alternatives to Cruel Animal Tests


Last week, the World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Testing convened in Seattle and held discussions on emerging alternatives to animal testing. Researchers presented on groundbreaking advancements in in-vitro modeling that could drastically reduce the use of animals in inhalation toxicology tests, developments in reconstructive tissue models, and strategic methods of changing government protocols to reduce the minimum number of animals required per test.

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