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Blog for Last Chance for Animals, an international non-profit dedicated to ending animal cruelty and exploitation.

Just Released - 2nd Edition of Chris DeRose Autobiography 'In Your Face' in Hardcover and Audiobook

2016 In Your Face CDR Book Release 2 HardcoverThe much-anticipated 2nd edition of LCA Founder Chris DeRose's autobiography, In Your Face, is now available in both hardcover and audiobook!

In Your Face takes you to the front lines of the fight to show you what direct action on behalf of the animals means; covert infiltrations into pet-theft operations, entering vivisection labs and witnessing atrocities almost too terrible to believe, getting shot in the back by an FBI informant, and being arrested and sent to jail and solitary confinement for civil disobedience.


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Take a Stand Against Dog Meat!

takeastand FB LinkSamsung, LG, Kia and Hyundai: Pledge to Stand Against Dog Meat in S. Korea!!

As we enter the busiest shopping weekend of the year, please use the power of your wallet to fight against the brutal dog meat trade! Do not buy products from S. Korea's most powerful corporations -- Samsung, LG, Kia and Hyundai -- until they have released the following written pledge:

"In the name of humanity, we oppose animal cruelty and agree with those working to end the dog meat industry in South Korea."

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Have a Compassionate Thanksgiving - This Year and Every Year!!

Turkey2016Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for peace and gratitude. But for 46 million turkeys in the U.S. alone, this Thanksgiving will bring pure hell. 

The turkeys are raised on crowded, disease-ridden factory farms, and their beaks are painfully cut to the nub so the birds don't attack each other in the cramped quarters. Some baby turkeys starve to death because the pain from the beak-cutting is so unbearable, or because their beak has become too deformed to eat. Those who survive are fattened up to grow far heavier than their natural weight; many are too obese to even walk. 

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Join The Fur Free Friday Protests!! Friday, November 25, 2016!

furiscruelGet into the cruelty-free spirit and help turn Black Friday into Fur Free Friday!  For over 30 years, LCA has held protests on the day after Thanksgiving to urge shoppers not to buy fur. This year, Fur Free Friday falls on November 25, 2016 and protests are scheduled nationwide.

LCA is looking for volunteers to join us for the Los Angeles protests - all volunteers who show up will get a free T-shirt! Please reply to this email for details.

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Breaking!! LCA Investigation Exposes Severe Cruelty at Supplier to Canada's Largest Pork Processor!

ExposedCrueltyNew LCA Undercover Investigation Reveals Systematic Abuse and Neglect of Pigs

A 3-month undercover investigation by LCA exposes severe abuse and neglect at Crimson Lane Farms, a pig breeding farm in Kenilworth, Ontario that supplies Olymel, Canada’s largest pork processor. Olymel pork is sold by major retailers across Canada including Walmart, Metro and Real Canadian Superstore.


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Speak Up to Pass NYC Circus Animal Ban! Rally and Council Hearing 10/20/16!!

NYCCircusBanNew Yorkers, your voice is needed to help pass Intro 1233, a bill to ban the use of wild and exotic animals in the circus! 

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LCA Launches 'FBI Tracks Animal Cruelty' Campaign Urging Participation in National Animal Cruelty Database

FBItracksblogLCA has just launched the FBI Tracks Animal Cruelty campaign to support the FBI's effort to record all incidents of animal cruelty in the United States -- and your help is needed! 

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LCA Educating the Public on Cruel Dog Meat Trade at LA Korean Festival Thurs. 9/22/16 - Sun. 9/25/16

helpdogsandcatsAs part of our ongoing fight to stop dog eating in South Korea, LCA will be at the LA Korean Festival in Los Angeles, California, educating 400,000 attendees from Thursday, September 22 thru Sunday, September 25, 2016.


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2,000 Feral Pigs Sentenced to Death!! Act Now to Save Them!

feralpigsbogThe wild pigs of Ohio's Wayne National Forest are being systematically baited, trapped and shot to death -- all in an unconscionable cull by the USDA Forest Service and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Wildlife. Not only are government officials ruthlessly killing the pigs, but they're calling on the public to shoot them, too!

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California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bullhook Ban into Law - Effective January 1, 2018

ProgressElephantsOn Monday, August 29, 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1062, banning the use of cruel elephant bullhooks! California is now the second state in the U.S. to outlaw these barbaric devices, following a ban in Rhode Island in July 2016. 

As of January 1, 2018, elephants in CA will no longer be beaten into submission with bullhooks (brutal weapons that resemble a fireplace poker). LCA applauds Gov. Brown for passing this important legislation but would like to see the ban go into effect ASAP so the bullhook is not used on elephants for another year and a half.


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LCA Launches New Virunga PSA Campaign With Animal Activist & Model Kenya Kinski-Jones

KenyaGorillasLCA has launched a new PSA campaign with model/actress Kenya Kinski-Jones!

Kenya -- the daughter of music legend Quincy Jones and supermodel/actress Nastassja Kinski -- is helping educate the world about the plight of the mountain gorillas of war-torn Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  

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Emmanuel de Merode & Anthony Caere of Congo's Virunga National Park to Receive the "Albert Schweitzer Award" at LCA's Annual Gala

2016 honoreesVirunga-themed gala honoring prominent animal advocates to be held October 22, 2016 in Beverly Hills.

Prince Emmanuel de Merode, Director of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Anthony Caere, Head of Virunga's Air Wing, will both receive the prestigious "Albert Schweitzer Award" at LCA's annual gala on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. 

This year, LCA's fundraising gala will be centered on the plight of Africa's Virunga National Park and its critically endangered mountain gorilla population. Defending the 2-million-acre park and its inhabitants from poachers, militants, and environmental exploitation is an ongoing battle for de Merode & Caere and Virunga's 360 park rangers who risk their lives daily. Part of their work includes protecting a third of the 900 mountain gorillas that remain in the wild.

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Five Tragic Zoo Incidents That Didn't Have To Happen


The following zoo tragedies should never have happened. These are just five examples of the types of injuries and killings that occur all too frequently at zoos, and clearly demonstrare that animals are meant to live their lives as they were intended to and free from human exploitation.

In November 2012 at the Pittsburgh Zoo, an African painted dog was shot to death after becoming aggressive and killing a toddler who slipped from his mother's grasp and fell into the exhibit. After the incident, the observation deck was removed and the other African painted dogs were relocated to other zoos.


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Help Stop Korea's 'Bok Nal' Dog Meat Festival!! Set for Tuesday, August 16, 2016!

stopdogmeatKorean Dogs Desperately Need Your Help!

Hung. Electrocuted. Burned alive. These are just a few of the vile torture methods inflicted on innocent dogs in South Korea for the annual Bok Nal festival, a barbaric event in which dog meat soup is consumed in the belief that it provides a "cooling" effect in the summer heat. The dogs are tortured mercilessly because participants think fear and suffering makes the meat taste better.

The brutal Bok Nal festival lasts for weeks, with the main celebrations falling on what are thought to be the hottest days of the year. This year's next and final Bok Nal event falls on August 16, 2016 -- and it's up to you to speak up for the helpless dogs! Please sign LCA's petition today to tell the Korean government that the cruel dog meat trade must end.

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Los Angeles Protest Against Korean Dog Meat Trade - Thursday, July 21, 2016


pressreleasedogmeatActivists Call to Stop the Dog Meat Trade of South Korea

Animal advocates including Nami Kim of NamiKim.orgSTART Rescue,, and Last Chance for Animals (LCA) will be protesting the Korean dog meat trade outside the South Korean consulate on Thursday, July 21 at 10:30 am. Full details:

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VICTORY! Missouri Ag Gag Bill Vetoed by Governor Jay Nixon!

AgGagVictoryAfter tens of thousands signed LCA's petition against Missouri HB 1414, MO Governor Jay Nixon vetoed this freedom-crushing legislation on July 8, 2016. This is an important victory for the animals, and the rights of all U.S. citizens!

If HB 1414 had passed, agricultural industries would have become excluded from the Missouri Sunshine Law, a law that guarantees citizens the right to obtain all records from public government bodies.

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L.A. - Protest Ringling Bros. Animal Cruelty July 14-19, 2016 at Staples Center!!


Join the Protest Against Ringling Bros. Cruelty!
Los Angeles: Opening Night Thursday, 7/14/16!!

Please come speak out against Ringling Bros. cruelty to animals! This is their first Los Angeles show without the elephants, and it’s up to you to let Ringling know that ALL animals should be banned from the circus!

LCA is looking for volunteers to help with the protests! Please reply to this email if you can attend.

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L.A. Vigil for the Dogs of Yulin - 6/30/16! Join LCA and Chris DeRose!!


Vigil YulinDespite massive global outcry, the Yulin government failed yet again to protect the thousands of dogs and cats brutally killed for China's annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival, a 10-day massacre that starts on the summer solstice. The animals are kidnapped in faraway regions of China and trucked for hours in tiny metal cages with no food and water -- when they reach Yulin, they are beaten and killed.

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BREAKING!! Obama Signs Chemical Safety Act, Dramatically Reducing Animal Testing

ObamaVivisectionBlogImage.jpgToday, June 22, 2016, President Barack Obama signed historic legislation that will spare tens of thousands of animals from the barbaric and unnecessary torture of chemical testing.

The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act is a much-needed overhaul of the archaic Toxic Substances Control Act (created 40 years ago) and will steer chemical testing away from animal experimentation and toward newer, innovative and cruelty-free methods. Animal testing is notoriously unreliable, so this move benefits humans AND animals.

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LCA is On The Ground RIGHT NOW Fighting the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

LCA is On The Ground RIGHT NOW Fighting the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Today, June 20, 2016 -- just one day before the bloody Yulin Dog Meat Festival -- LCA representatives met with local Yulin officials to demand enforcement of health regulations which would prevent the slaughter of dogs at area slaughterhouses and were told that inspectors would not be conducting inspections.  

LCA representatives have now filed a complaint with the state council to gain an official order requiring the onsite inspection of the slaughterhouses where LCA documented dogs being killed without the requisite health certificates.

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